SECONDS Tee - Black Tiger Tales

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*second*  Tiger Print isn't perfect. (The tigers have a mild case of the mumps!) When worn on it's own, this isn't noticeable. But if you are planning on print stacking with other Tiger Tales pieces in the collection, I would advise you grab the perfect tees. 

Made from high-quality beautiful soft organic cotton. Digitally printed with hand-drawn, iconic P&TF tiger. This tee will keep its shape after hard wearing and washing.

Made to be mixed and matched with other printed pants from the collection.


Classic tee fit
Chest - 000 25cm, 00 26.5cm, 0 28cm, 1y 29.5cm, 2y 31cm, 3y 32.5cm, 4y 34cm, 5y 35.5cm, 6y 37cm, 7y 38.5cm

Front Body Length – 000 28cm, 00 29.5cm, 0 30.5cm, 1y 33cm, 2y 35cm, 3y 37.5cm, 4y 39cm, 5y 41cm, 6y 43cm, 7y 45cm