I feel so fortunate to open our new blog series with Jadey Drury. She is gorgoeus, talented, kind, and I am ALWAYS inspired by her sense of style. Her kids; Frankie (7), and Ivy (5) have inherited that same unique approach to their own style, and I love that Phoenix and the Fox makes up some of their most lived-in pieces.

We chat with Jadey about motherhood, self-expression, and her home style. The images are captured by our wonderful friend Tash from Black Robin Photography.


Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your background, and your family?

We are from the UK, we moved to NZ 12 years ago. Wdidn’t plan on moving here forever but this is very much our home now. We are always up for an adventure, but I think NZ is probably where we will grow old! I have been a hairdresser for over 18 years, I have created my own little brand Jadey Drury Hair and we specialise in weddings throughout NZ. I also work in a beautiful wholesome salon LHC where I have the most incredible clients. I then also work for amazing charity The Little Miracles Trust; we provide support to families who have premature and sick full-term babies. Shane is a Project Engineer and is smashing his career goals, I’m super proud of him. 

The kids go a really sweet country school, and they absolutely love it, they both love the outdoors so it’s a perfect fit for them.  We are a super busy family, and we try to involve our kids in all aspects of life, it’s always crazy…but I think we actually like crazy to be honest.


What has been the most rewarding part of being a parent?

The never-ending love and fun that kids bring to each day. It not always rainbows and unicorns but they never stop making my heart feel happy! 


How do you navigate the challenges of parenting while pursuing your passions and career?

We try to focus on what is important for each member of our family, and it often changes. We are both career minded so it’s important to always communicate and have goals, but also set realistic timeframes. We have to run a tight ship when it come to our organisation for the week, so we usually spend an hour or so over the weekend planning the week, this always involves the kids so they do have an understanding of the week ahead too. We always try to make sure that we are on the same page when it comes to parenting and make all the big decisions together. We have worked hard to make sure one of us can drop the kids at school and one can pick them up…this often means we are still working when the kids are in bed but it’s something we that’s important for us to have that consistency and presence. 


How would you describe your personal style and your kids' styles?

I would say we are all pretty fun, I’ve never been scared of colour. The kids certainly love colour and things that are different to the ordinary. Ivy is a style queen; Frankie is a true kiwi bush man at heart and comfort is key to him. 


What role do colors and playful prints play in your kids' self-expression?

I think colours and prints have an impression on your mindset, so if your clothes makes you feel fun and happy and that’s an extension of self-expression. I know my kids love to choose their own clothes and it’s always been a way that Ivy has expressed herself, she is always changing her clothes, her teachers have always expressed her eye for details and style! I love that! 


What drew you to Phoenix and the Fox clothing for your children?

The colours, quality and comfort. I love an NZ business too, it’s always a priority where possible to support local for us.


How do you believe style (in their clothes or room décor) can empower children and help them show off their personalities?

We absolutely love a project, so our kids have always been involved in styling choices in our home. The kids have chosen the style, colours and accessories on their rooms, with a little help from us of course…but, it’s all them really and I see how much joy they both get from their own spaces. Their rooms have so much personality, just like they do. We have always done our projects together as a family, it’s so fun and nothing makes me happier than seeing the kids trying new things and feeling proud of themselves. Frankie is such a handy man like his Dad and Ivy loves fashion just like me. You can absolutely see that in both of their rooms. 


We love your home!!! Thank you for letting us in to capture your gorgeous family here.  How would you describe your home style and what elements have you've created with your kids in mind?

You are so welcome, we love our home too. We are so proud of the hard work we have put into this place. Our home is a place where everyone is welcome…we love entertaining and the kids love having their friends over. 

We love anything that’s old with soul and a story, I guess that’s why we fell in love with our house, I think our style is fun, classic, colourful and in keeping with the houses’ art deco feel. 

In the summer we spend so much time outside so last year we decided to extend our deck and pop in a bath tub, it’s one of my favourite things we have done…the kids spend hours in it. We have also put a lot of work into the garden to make it a great space for the kids and all the things we love, flowers, veggie patch’s and space for adventures…we have a cluster of native trees which are perfect for building huts and letting their imaginations run wild. 


How do you teach your kids to embrace their uniqueness and be confident in who they are?

Right from the beginning we have always encouraged our kids to make their own decisions with our support and express who they are and how ever they feel. Our kids have super quirky personalities and we absolutely love that. We always make sure they know how amazing and kind they both are. 


In what ways does Phoenix and the Fox's clothing align with your values as a parent?

It’s very clear that Phoenix and the Fox want children choose their pieces to express their own style and that aligns with how we feel for our kids, not just with clothes.

Sustainability it’s also something that’s matches very well for us, and Frankie…he will change the world one day with his love of the planet. 


Favourite Phoenix and the Fox clothing piece your kid(s) love to wear?

Ivy’s fave is the Jungle Sweater, she calls it her snuggly top! 

Frank loves his tiger tales pants because they are super soft and comfy for long days playing. 


A color that always brings a smile to your face?

PINK and if it’s pink with sparkles I know it will make Ivy smile every time 


Best advice you've received in parenting, in style, or in business?

Frankie spent the first four months of his life in hospital and a nurse once told me “trust your mum instincts and remember you are always your child’s voice.” This has served us well on so many occasions. 

I remember when I lived in the UK I was so caught up on worrying about what everyone else thought about my style and I remember being at a Basement Jaxx concert and hearing them preach if you think it’s cool, it’s cool…so I try to remember that when it’s comes to style, who is anyone else to decide if your style is cool or not? Just wear the things….you will never regret it. 

A good friend of mine who I couldn’t life without told me staying in your own lane will always serve you well, and it really has. If something doesn’t align with my business and it doesn’t promote kindness, it’s not for me! 



Written by Brooke Fairgray